Services & Products We Offer

We offer a wide array of services to cater to any of your PC, Laptop, CCTV, Computer gadgets and more.

Repair & Installation

Repair & Installation. Our team of Exprerts at Desktop, laptop,CCTV and more have ample of years of experience in the core areas of user experience, which helps them collaborate the finer modules of usability and functionality in-line with business goals and end-user needs.

Repair Services

  •  Laptop

  •  Desktop

  •  Printer

  •  CC-TV

  •  Networking issue

  •  UPS Battery

  •  more

Desktop & Laptop  Accessories

Intuitive Desk top& Laptop combined with compelling user experience are what makes our accessories stand ahead in the digital age. Seamless experience driven by international standards in collaboration with out-of-the-box ideas is the specialty of Desk top& Laptop accessories helping your business accomplish its goals.

Available Accessories

  •  Laptop Battery

  •  Brand New Monitor

  •   Exclusive Brand’s Key board & Mouse (WiFi combo available )

  • IP Camera

  •  Original Sound Speaker

  •  Router

  •  Desktop & Laptop all accessories available here.

AMC-  Annual Maintenance Contract

Office and Home compatibility driven by Annual Maintenancesive all under one roof. Starting from Personal Computer, including Printer and CC-TV camera to highly complex Office Maintenance and solutions, we will customize the best of Annual Maintenanc and solutions for you.

Annual Maintenance & solutions

  •  Office & Home Network Issue

  •   Any Software Issue and Update

  • Here is one of the annual maintenance packages available for education and health organizations

  • Able to offer annual maintenance package outside Kolkata

  •  Desktop & Laptop annual maintenance warranty available here.

Door Step-  Service

A valuable time and money relationship goes a long way. Our requests confirm your position and our customer support strategies make your life a reality and show the world the wonderful story of life. That’s why today we deliver our services at Door Step.

Available Door Step Service

  •  Office & Home Networking Issue

  •   Any Software Issue and Update

  • Any accessories ordered by social media, call and more media

  • Refurbished and Brand new laptop

  •  Desktop and laptop Repaired at home

  • Desktops are assembled at home

Refurbished-  Products

Creating a brand identity for your business that communicates your purpose, goals and what you want to do for your customers – a laptop is especially useful for – connecting your business with your customers.

Available Refurbished Products

  • Only refurbished laptops are sold at such low prices

Rented-  Products

Creative, interesting, attractive and usable desktop, laptop, mini desktop, printer, web cam is the life of any official project. We help in government and private projects from A to Z based on your device platform requirements.

Available Rented Products

  • All products are rented at such low prices available hare

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Quality Assurance

The quality assurance process ensures that all engineering, manufacturing, testing, and operating processes comply with the requirements of the contract statement of work, specifications, and supporting documentation. An expert representative is part of each project team and expertly reviews and reports on all issues.

Expert services

Syatem setting’s was founded by professional expert and continues to emphasize excellence in product’s problem analysis, component selection, testing, and life-cycle support. A comprehensive expert focus is maintained from initial product development through equipment delivery and sustaining activities.


System Setting’s maintains primary service capacity in Kolkata, complemented by long-term alliances with local and regional social service partners. The System Setting’s has been highly successful in serviceing to support customer supply requirements using efficiencies and upgraded resources. This service has provided a continuous flow of cost-effective, compliant products while maintaining the quality assurance and oversight provided by System Setting’s